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A-2/6016, 4th Phase, GIDC, Vapi

INA - 396195, Gujarat, India

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Company Preface

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Company Preface

Founded in 1987, Patel Engineers is a professional manufacturer of machinery for the industrial textile coating, laminated fabric and synthetic leather industries in Vapi, Gujarat. With the support of Mr. Kalidas Patel, who has 25 years of extensive industry experience, we are manufacturing PVC coating plants, industrial coating lines, and PU coating plants.

We are one of the fastest growing companies in the field of manufacturing PVC and PU coating production lines. We are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction at every step of the process. Our solution capabilities are as numerous as our market.

Our manufacturing plant is equipped with qualified and experienced technical experts who can provide maximum customer satisfaction. We have built relationships with our customers by providing excellent service. From the beginning to exceeding today's expectations, we have been providing excellent technical sales support, engineering solution services, production to development agreements and a series of value-added machines in this field.

Through continuous improvement in practice, space, inventory, manpower and products, emphasizing productivity and efficiency, we provide standard and tailor-made products while responding to market demands at the speed required by today's business. Combining the capabilities of technology and resources as well as the practice of betting allows us to develop an innovative method to provide customers with cost-effective products to meet their needs in different areas of the industry.

Cooperation with customers is one of the main achievements in this highly competitive market. We have the support of experienced technicians, our customers can help improve fabric quality and save production costs, so customers can trust us. Our services and machines are widely recognized in the market and have set a trend for others.


Our Company Strategies

Our Strategies

From the establishment to exceeding today's expectations, we have been providing in-depth technical sales support, engineering solution services, manufacturing according to established regulations and various complete value-added machines on the market. By focusing on efficiency and productivity, through continuous improvement in space, practice, manpower, inventory and products, we are able to provide customized products while meeting market demands at the speed of today's business world. Combining best practices and capabilities in resources and technology, we have developed an innovative method that provides cost and time effective options for our customers' projects, which require machinery from various industries.

Quality Assurance

As a quality-focused company, we are highly focused on achieving maximum customer satisfaction by continuously improving product quality, delivering on time and providing services that meet global standards. In order to achieve different restrictions on quality standards, we have developed a complete quality management system under the supervision of strict quality control personnel and personnel. This system helps us maintain quality throughout the process, including R&D, quality testing, and delivery of finished products. In addition, our quality control personnel will only approve quality after verifying the following parameters in our products:

1. Design
2. Construction
3. Strength
4. Efficiency, etc.

Robust Infrastructure

Our advanced infrastructure is a blend of man and machine. We have advanced infrastructure, equipped with modern machinery and equipment and the latest technology, which can assist in the production of PVC release paper coating lines, PVC synthetic leather production coating machines, silicone paper coating machines, etc. According to production, quality control, etc., it contributes to the smooth progress of the production process. Therefore, the active support provided by our efficient workforce and advanced production methods enables us to meet the exact requirements of our customers.

In addition, we have a spacious warehouse to ensure that the products are intact. Divided into different departments, it helps us quickly retrieve and easily identify products. In turn, this helps us reduce the delivery time of our products.